A table with a surface board in golden teak and tapering borders in wenge”. The base elements are in unrefined untreated steel, destined to rust with time and to gradually change colour.


A childrens” game, based on a model from the early 20th century


A table game, produced as a limited edition, carved out of a single block of solid wood. This is available in several types of wood or in the coupling of woods at high pressure. Various kinds of veneer have been employed. A perimetral cutting, pleasant to the touch, confers softness to


A table game, created in 26 numbered examples in 2006. The dominoes were made by coupling of two woods (maple and ebony), held together by brass hinges. The numbers on the dominoes were achieved by inserting ebony cylinders. The dominoes, treated on the surface with oil, are stored in a birchwood

“La Venexiana” (chair)

Thus, our chair strives to be a compendium of images which play together without having any precise historical coordinates: a composition of memories, past and present, naturalistic fantasies, but also complex constructive technologies. The methodology of the chair”s construction is as follows: it has been built with layers of birch plywood,

“Yesteryear Lamp”

The new extendible Yesteryear lamp associates, with the indispensable aspects that every home needs, the warmth that only wood can provide, in a small masterpiece of Venetian art. This, also, has been constructed by hand in Italian cherry or walnut wood. With a height of 137 cm, it can be extended

“Oriente Chaise Longue”

The new Oriente chaise longue, a kind of deck chair, is based on a design of the 1930s. It has been perfected in its structure and in the quality of the materials used. Its very refined lines makes it ideal for interiors, too. Built by hand in beechwood, it has been