Our creations are intended to last throughout time. In order to reach this aim, we put all of our experience into practice.

Each manufactured item is conceived and made to last. The materials used are of high quality, selected according to the ways in which said items will be used: marine plywood for the shutters, laminated larchwood for the windows, multi-layered panels for the furnishings, exceptionally thick veneers for the furniture, the best brand-name hardware, guaranteed for a very high number of use cycles, non-toxic paints and varnishes which are so durable that, with our products, we provide a warranty of up to 10 years duration for the windows and 7 for the shutters.


There are innumerable finishings available: lucid or opaque lacquering, lamination, tinted or natural veneers, with unrepeated casual veining or inkspot-effect, and many surface finishings which may be chosen: varnishes that are lucid, semi-lucid or opaque, oiled, waxed or French polish.

Non-Toxic Materials

The quality of our materials also becomes evident considering the careful research which we undertake in order to eliminate all possible harmful agents.

The panels used for the construction of the furnishings have low formaldehyde content.

The varnishes used on the windows, doors an furnishings are always non-toxic in water, and are certified, as are the water-based lacquers manufactured by us.

Quality of the materials

In our production, we use selected “ingredients”, because only in this manner can we propose high-quality products: materials utilized in the correct way, as only many years of experience in the sector can guarantee, exalting formal and technical characteristics. Our furnishings are always created with a structure in multi-layered panels, in order to offer maximum stability and the undeformability of each single element.
The windows are made of laminated larchwood, stable, undeformable and suitable even for the most humid, aggressive climates. Their glass panes are made to satisfy customers” demands: double-glazing with gas, low-emissive, selective, with double panes for the highest quality performance. The shutters are made of multi-layered marine: the only material which can resist in an aggressive marine environment such as that of the city of Venice.

The veneers used are of considerable thickness, in order to avoid deterioration caused by the passing of time. They are carefully selected according to the formal effect desired. Everything is undertaken by us, right here in our workshop: planning, graphic designs, cutting, veneering, varnishing and painting, lacquering (lucid or opaque), laminating and pre-assembly, in order to check and guarantee the perfect, artistic execution of each and every phase of the production.

We offer the possibility of using even materials which only recently have become popular in the world of furnishings and fixtures, such as bamboo, cork, carbon fibre, brushed aluminum, corian, tarnished copper, weathering steel…


Our labours do not cease with the delivery of our products. Indeed, we also offer an efficient, qualified maintenance service and after-sales assistance. It is not enough for us to provide high-quality products: we also want this quality to last throughout time. Together with our windows and shutters, we deliver…for no extra charge…a kit for small maintenance jobs, with pertinent instructions and a coupon for the first maintenance job. We provide administrative assistance, so that our customers might use the 55% fiscal deduction for the substitution of shutters with others of high-energy efficiency.