Location: Dorsoduro – Venice

Designer: Studio Cappellin – Venice

Materials: floor and staircase made of oiled teak, staircase parapets and doors covered with shiny lacquer, sliding doors made of solid teak and plexiglass panels, windows in laminated larch wood

Complete remodelling of a private house in Dorsoduro – Venice.

The remodelling of this house resulted in the liberation of the largest possible number of space-division elements. The aim was to create an open space, in both horizontal and vertical terms.

Just a few materials were chosen (teak, shiny lacquer and plexiglass) with which to construct the floor, all the furnishing elements and a staircase to connect the two floors.

An extremely simple, linear design, confering an airy, luminous character to the composition.

The decision to use an opaque material like oiled teak in small quantities, often in order to provide contrast with the shiny white painted backgrounds, allows a definition of the essential lines of the furnishings and fixtures, without making the geometry burdensome.

The handrail of the staircase, made from a plank of solid teak, is proposed as a sculptural and, at the same time, ergonomic element.