We design and create shutters of various types, door fastenings, internal and external doors, sheeted doors. All of the materials used for the shutters and related items are chosen in order to obtain the highest quality performance, such as thermal insulation, water filter and draught insulation, durability. The hardware, carefully chosen from among the best existing commercial brands or created according to original designs in the foundry, is made to be safe, resistent and long-lasting.

The quality of our offer is an objective, documented fact.

The low emission of formaldehyde from our panels, the non-toxic nature of our paints and varnishes, the hardware work-cycles themselves, are certified by the producers. Our shutters and windows promptly obtained the European Community seal. Their resistance to water and wind, their thermal insulation capacity, have been verified by an independent laboratory, and authorized. The data is available to final customers

The results obtained during the certification testing are among the finest for Class 4 air permeability: this signifies the absence of draughts in wind up to 115 km an hour. Excellent results also for Class E1050 water resistance, meaning that there is no water infiltration in wind up to 125 km an hour; and for Class C4 wind resistance, meaning the absence of deformation, fissures and breaks at the fastening points. In Class 350N, a full security systems capacity was demonstrated.

The windows which we produce are the result of our careful study of a personalized profile which unites the necessity of perfect air and water resistance to the demand for reduced dimensions and forms compatible with Venice”s historic context.

With regard to this factor, we have researched a profile which can be proposed even for fine old historic buildings; this profile always has a high degree of technological advancement which may be seen in the hardware, the finishing and the glass parts. It is made of laminated larch wood…the same wood which we find in the historic palaces of the Serenissima…in order to guarantee stability, to prevent deformity and to promote durability, even in a brackish atmosphere.The trimmings used are in undeformable EPDM. The certified non-toxic water-based paints are guaranteed up to ten years with the HighRes Adler cycle.

The hardware inserts are guaranteed to withstand air with 4 Maico. The handles proposed include the most diverse forms available on the market. They are available in various colours, as well as in double face, in order to adapt themselves better to all specific environments. In addition, there is the possibility of choosing the colour of the double glazing of the door, window or shutter finishings.

We manufacture multi-panelled shutters in 40 millimetre thick okume wood. In this case, too, the choice of material constitutes the first element in being able to guarantee a product which is durable in time, resistant to external agents and at the same time pleasant to look at.

We propose several types of finishings: plain, shingled or with decorated panels. These are created from designs; the diverse types may be opened in different ways.

We propose a vast range of doors, both internal and external, with one or two wings; sliding doors, “secret doors”; all endowed with handles and accessories of all commercial brands or manufactured in our foundry according to designs.

The finishings available are practically unlimited (luminous lacquered or opaque, in solid wood, with a choice of the wooden sheathing, laminated, with the insertion of any material from metal to leather, from cloth to artistic glass). The varnishes used, independently of the finishings chosen, are always non-toxic water-based, certified so that your contact with the wood will be the most natural possible.