Location: Palazzo Ferro Fini – San Marco – Venice

Designer: Regional Council Technical Advisers, in collaboration with Falegnameria Girelli

Materials: Panels in class 1 mdf, floor in solid wengè, baseboard and metal finishings in bronze, veneered walnut benches.

Complete remodelling of the sessions room of the Veneto Regional Council, Palazzo Ferro Fini, Venice

The sessions room of the Veneto Regional Council has the aspect of a box, entirely made of wood, except for a small area of the floor, which is made of leather; behind this are developed complex technological networks.

A box with squared, jagged lines, with finishing in shiny cream-coloured spatulated stucco and gold-leaf covering, enhances the sinuous forms of the benches (some of which are pre-existing, others created by us in harmony with the setting) and of the seats.

The furnishing system emerges and breaks free of its container, thanks to the soft forms, the colouring arrangement and the precious materials employed. Painted with subtle, relaxing colours, the walnut wood furniture displays metalic profiles, darker than the rounded forms.

In the creation of the benches, diverse materials (steel, wood and bronze) have been curved in order to reproduce the historic positions, thus preserving continuity with the ones already existing.

Everything manufactured responds to current norms concerning resistance to fire: the panels and varnishes are flame-retardant, without sacrificing a pleasant, harmonious finish