About Us

Our carpentry firm was born in 1966. In this year, Giorgio Girelli took over the old Artigianelli carpentry workshop. From that time on, we have been operating in the historic centre of Venice.

We design and manufacture tailor-made furnishings, as well as designer objects, prototypes, window fastenings, internal and external doors, sheeted doors, shutters. We also dedicate ourselves to restoration, in this case, too, uniting our knowledge of old traditional labour methods with the possibilities offered by modern materials and with the technologies linked to these. We are able to offer our customers efficient maintenance and after-sale assistance services.

To consolidated craftsmanship experience, we add modern technology and vanguard equipment, in order to efficiently blend our knowledge, acquired by long experience, with the possibilities offered by numerically controlled machines.
We manufacture items made of wood and of a vast range of other materials (glass, plexiglass, diverse types of metals), in order to create the best possible complex, elaborate articles. Our location in the centre of Venice allows us to take wise advantage in the special setting of this city, thanks to our wide working, storage and display areas.

We are proud of our numerous creations, undertaken in Italy and abroad for private and public clients.
Invariably, we propose high-quality products. This is due, among other factors, to our collaboration with other professionals, in order to offer a complete service.


The Carpentry Firm

Our carpentry firm is a laboratory located in the heart of Venice”s historic centre. It occupies a surface of more than 1,200 square metres, and directly faces the waterfront, which permits rapid handling of incoming and outgoing merchandise.

Over the years, in addition to the consolidation of our professional skills in all pertinent areas, we have constantly invested in technological innovation and in the continuous modernization of our machinery; this updating process has culminated in the use of the current machines, which are numerically controlled.

Progressive automation has led to the reduction of manufacturing time and to the development of increasingly complex creations. We are especially proud to affirm that all of our creations are made here by us in the factory, precisely in order to guarantee maximum final quality.