Location: Palazzo Ferro Fini – San Marco – Venice

Designer: Regional Council Technical Adviser, in collaboration with Falegnameria Girelli

Materials: solid teak,opaque brass, serigraphed safety glass

Entrance and reception area of the Veneto Regional Council, Palazzo Ferro Fini – Venice

The entrance to Palazzo Ferro Fini, headquarters of the Veneto Regional Council, has been completely redesigned, starting with the three entrance doors, with a series of vertical solid oiled teak planks having an insert of an opaque brass profile. These elements assume a different physiognomy depending on the angle from which they are seen: frontally, they appear to be extremely delicate, almost immaterial, whereas in lateral view they reveal all of their force and solidity.

Their great depth, in addition to responding to structural demands (considering that the uprights serve as supports for the panes), also has the function of light screening: the light indirectly reaches the interior, which is distinguished by the subtle colours of the marble floor and of the shiny Venetian spatolate.

Beyond the filter, scanned by the large wooden uprights, the reception desk, with its extremely simple, elementary design, displays the same materials as the entrance way: teak and horizontal strips of opaque brass. These materials are also repeated in the 10/10 thickness of the support floor.

Beyond the reception area there is a glass wall on which stands out the serigraphic logo of the Regional Council. Access to this is through two sliding doors into the hall of the palace facing the Grand Canal.