Location: San Marco – Venice

Designer: Mario Valentini , architect – Venice

Materials: multi-layered marine, brass, glass, artificial suede

Complete remodelling of the Carraro Optical Shop, San Marco – Venice

The shop which was remodelled is located in Calle della Mandorla, a narrow street which is nevertheless heavily trafficked by pedestrians.

The showcase stands back from the street, in order to allow potential customers to tranquilly observe all the items on display. The shop is articulated in three distinct areas which can be separated, but which, if left open, give fluidity and continuity to the spaces.

The spaces are articulated in succession: sales area, work area and diagnostical area.

The entire shop is based on the combination of bronze-veneered brass, panels of multi-layered marine treated with spatulate stucco, artificial suede and tempered crystal, with a choice of pastel colours which confer a warm, restful tone upon the setting.

The materials used for the covering are the same as employed in the fixed furnishings. They have been reproposed for said furnishings in order to give the shop a unified, harmonious aspect.

The elements in bronze-veneered brass are never final aims; they always have precise functions (hinges for opening the window shutters, hooking-guides for sliding panels, angle beads for the panelling, metal bands, fastening for mirrors), and allow the articulation of the painted surface of the casing, measuring it and dividing it rythmically.