Location: Dorsoduro – Venice

Designer: Angelo Anfodillo, architect – Venice

Material: multi-layered marine veneered peartree wood, borders in solid peartree wood, doors in walnut briar, antiqued mirrors in gilded frames

Furnishings and fixtures in a private home in Venice

This project concerned the remodelling of one floor of a building.

The interventions concerned the wooden parts of the ceiling, new doors and the complete reconstruction of a bathroom. The wooden parts of the inner surface of the attic doorframe, such as corniciones and wooden beams, have been the objects of careful restoration and partial reconstruction. The new, two-shuttered internal fixtures were made in walnut briar, with the use of antiqued mirrors. The corniciones have been gilded with gold leaf. All the hardware is made in brass with a bronze veneer; it has been chosen in order to recreate the types of openings already used in the historical context in which the remodelling was effected.

The new fixtures blend aesthetically with those already present, thus conferring upon the rooms a sensation of harmony and warmth, eliminating all possible contrast between the old traditional features and the modern creations.

The new bathroom was created entirely in peartree wood, a single material which completely covers the room except for the flooring (this is made of marble). The pear wood provides a “skin” of warm tones, which adapts itself to the perimetre, constituting sometimes a simple covering, sometimes furniture to contain various items, at other times flat geometrical surfaces or sinuous, embracing curves.